Mechatronics in Tyrol

Mechatronics is the umbrella term for integrative applications in the fields of mechanics, electronics, electrical engineering and informatics and a fast-growing industry. It is considered a driver of innovation for industries worldwide because it does not only implement mechatronic products per se, but its systems are also used for the manufacture and technology of many products of consumer goods industry. Tyrol has a century-long history in the metal processing industry. The field of mechatronics comprises more than 1000 companies with over 15,000 employees. The dynamic development of this mechatronics location is fostered by cooperation among companies and innovative top performances which are due to high company-internal research outputs. An important milestone for Tyrol’s position as a prime mechatronics location is the creation of education opportunities in the field of mechatronics in 2009, which reach from apprenticeship up to doctoral degrees in the field.

Who we are – introducing the Cluster Mechatronics Tyrol

83* highly innovative companies, institutions and universities with over 4,000 employees in the respective companies represent our Cluster Mechatronics Tyrol. Our cooperative strategy for development and expansion is constantly coordinated by our Cluster advisory board. This board is made up of practitioners and researchers from various special fields within the network. The companies and research institutions in our cluster mainly cover the following technological fields:

    • Tool and mould construction
    • Metal finishing
    • Automotive
    • Optics
    • Plastics processing
    • Engineering and industrial design
    • Machine and plant engineering
    • Education and research

    * including members who are engaged in several Tyrolean cooperation clusters.

    What we do – our daily work


    • Bring together entrepreneurs and researchers
    • Motivate and support strategic innovation and research
    • Initiate and coordinate joint projects among our members
    • Determine entrepreneurial demands and actively design measures
    • Initiate and support future-oriented projects and events for the permanent establishment of an innovative mechatronics location
    • Inform our members about trends
    • Work for knowledge transfer, location promotion, cross-border cooperation and the establishment of new companies along the value chain in the field,
    • Market the special field

    What you get – our services for members

    Research and development

      • Researching and establishing contact with suitable project partners
      • Finding an optimal research partner
      • Using platforms to initiate cooperation projects
      • Consultation with and access to support programs

      Technology transfer 

        • Organized visits of selected cluster companies, technical pilot plants, pilot projects and technology users
        • Impulse talks for discussing and initiating cooperative technology development

        Fairs, marketing, networking 

          • Participation in international trade shows
          • Participation in image-creating measures and positioning of the cluster
          • Europe-wide access to actors
          • Networking with clusters and institutions in other regions and countries
          • Cooperation with national and international cluster organizations
          • Processing and mediation of individual partner requests
          • Market research and development
          • Compilation of information materials


          Reduced participation fees for:

            • Education and further training initiatives
            • Events of the Cluster Mechatronics Tyrol and further clusters of the local agency Tyrol  
            • Partner events
            • Workshops
            • Attractive partner conditions for advertising measures within the network

            Cluster media

            • Trend and event information in the Cluster-News
            • Presentation of your company at selected Cluster events and congresses
            • Access to downloads
            • Exclusive reports on cluster projects in the magazine STANDORT

            Mechatronics Cluster Tyrol