The art of automatic identification

The world changes every day. Progress changes people’s needs and thus also how companies address their demands. In one third of all checkouts, airports and mail sorting centres our solutions are used, facilitating many people’s day-to-day lives.

As a specialist for the automatic registration of data and industrial automation, we offer solutions for production, retail trade, logistics and the health system. We look back on a long history of being a full service provider, having developed the innovative barcode scanner, mobile data registration terminals, sensors, image processing and laser marking systems which meet the demands of new developments.

Based on our desire to exceed our customers’ expectations, we have developed the broadest product and solution portfolio in the industry worldwide. Companies from all over the world confide in us when it comes to implementing reliable and useful solutions.


Since we want to live up to these high expectations at all times, you can count on our support with designing automation. We are continually working on new innovations with the aim of improving processes. In the meantime, more than 1000 patents evidence the rewards of this continuous effort. We do not only continue this way, but further invest in new developments. For this purpose, we have founded a new business development department, whose task is to lead Datalogic into the future by taking up our customers’ ideas, keeping core technologies and developing new products on the basis of customer and market demands.

The constant progress of technology serves to increase the efficiency of processes. This is why the most successful companies are often those who take up and integrate new technologies – these are the companies who do not just keep up with developments, but set trends themselves. This is also the path taken by Datalogic.